We Have Lice Control Down To A Science!

We Travel To You 24/7 15% Off! Call Now!

Same Day, Lice Free! 30 Day Guarantee!


We Travel To You 24/7

Our specialists are reliable professionals, they will travel discreetly in an unmarked car to your location within 2-4 hours of the selected window period.

100% 30 Guarantee!

We offer a 100% guarantee that we will eradicate your loved ones from head lice TODAY!

We Are Affordable

We can help you save money when this issue occurs. FREE head checks for all immediate family.

(**Discounts apply for families that qualify. Please call for information**)

We’ve helped thousands of families

throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana!


See What Our Clients Are Saying

"Finally I saw Lice Busters. How could you not call…if Ghost busters could get those annoying & scary ghosts away…then Lice Busters would be able to do this with these creepy little bugs. On the site they “support 24 hours a day 7 days a week”. It is the day before Mother’s Day…I know they aren’t going to come out! I was wrong! Not only did they came out they were at my house within an hour."

- Elizabeth S.

"This was my first experience with Lice Busters and I can’t say enough about them! When I received the dreaded phone call from school, “you need to come and pick up your child because lice was found in their hair”; to the drive back home to begin fumigating ; Lice Busters was there to help. From navigating the nearly impossible task of removing the nits to helping me understand what needed to be cleaned and what needed my attention the most."

- K. from Wheaton

"As a very happy Lice Buster’s customer, I would like to send a compliment to your staff member for her exceptional service. She came out to us for same day service very late to accommodate our daughter’s needs. She is so friendly, professional and very hard working."

- M.B family in Palos Heights

"I swear you were my angels that morning. I cried all morning and just asked please tell me what to do, I got up did a search, and your website just opened up! AMAZING!! regardless for the reason but it was very nice to have met you both and the way you present yourselves and your company is very very professional and I truly admire that. You can’t find that in this day and age anymore and again God Bless the both of you for doing what you do to help crazy woman like me LOL!!"

- DH Schaumburg

"Lice Busters was a God-send! I was so relieved to be able to rely on there expertise as they checked, treated, combed out, dried and re-checked my family’s hair. They are great teachers – showing me how to continue the aftercare to make sure we stayed lice/nit free (and won’t come back!) As I checked my kids’ heads each night during the aftercare time, I did not find one nit that had escaped. The tech’s skilled eye and combing! If your family is dealing with lice, call."

- Kathleen, West Chicago

We loved our lice tech at Lice Busters. I have 3 girls (all with long hair!) who got lice at school. It was a nightmare! They came to my house, explained the process, did all the treatments, and performed several follow-up examinations. Our house was 100% lice-free within one week and has stayed that way."

- Diane

"So, I just did a dry check on the kids after one treatment and I did not see a single nit! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your immediate response to my desperate call! I had no idea how serious lice was until it happened to my family including my babysitter and her family! When we got the alert from school I assumed lice would not happen to us. I confused nits for dandruff for three days, with three adults telling me it was dandruff..."

- Jenny McHenry, IL

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